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13 July 2011

Simone Weil on The Dangers of Loving God in an Inappropriate Way

From Gravity and Grace, by Simone Weil

There is a great danger in loving God as the gambler loves the game.

We must be careful about the level on which we place the infinite. If we place it on the level which is only suitable for the finite it will matter very little what name we give it.

The lower parts of my nature should love God, but not too much, for then it would not be God. May their love be like hunger and thirst. Only the highest has the right to be satisfied.[...]

God and the supernatural are hidden and formless in the universe. It well that they should be hidden and nameless in the soul. Otherwise there would be a risk of having something imaginary under the name of God (those who fed and clothed Christ did not know that it was Christ).


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